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IACC Executive Committee Vice-President for the USA:

Pattie Heaton, ASID, IACC
Interior Designer
2196 East Little Cloud Circle
Sandy, Utah 84093
TeI: 801 944-9627
Fax: 801 944-8718
E-Mail: colordesign@msn.com


IACC-ASIA is the most recent branch of the IACC to present its education/accreditation program world-wide. The IACC representation and its educational courses are held under the direction of:

Toshiya Hashimoto
IACC Vice-President Japan
Color SyStems
CaSa-Moderno 1F 2-6-20 Nakata ChikuSa-ku
Nagoya-city, JAPAN 464-0074
TeI/Fax: 052 764 3475
Tel: 052 764 6484 (Toshiya Hashimoto Atelier)


The IACC Executive Committee monitors the IACC Seminars, conducts the examination for the IACC Diploma,promotes the IACC Philosophy on a world-wide basis. and is the final authority for the establishment offuture IACC educational Programs and IACC branches. The members are from the professional fields of architecture, interior architecture and design, art, colour sciences, psychology, applied colour psychology and environmental psychology.

Frank H. Mahnke
President IACC
U.S.A, and Switzerland

Prof. Dr. A.V. Efimov
IACC Vice-President - Russia

Margaret Jew
IACC Vice-President - Australia

Pattie Heaton
IACC Vice-President - U.S.A.

Begona Munoz
IACC Vice- President - Spain

Prof. Sergej Pavlin
IACC Vice-President - SIovenia

Rose-Marie Spoerli
IACC Vice-President - Switzerland

Dr. Bettina Rodeck
IACC Vice-President - Denmark
Edda MaIIy M.A.
Deputy President IACC
IACC Vice-President - Austria

Prof. Johannes GroBmann
IACC Vice President - Germany

Dr. Perry Marthin
IACC Vice-President - Sweden

Prof. Jos de Mey
IACC Vice-President - Belgium

Prof. Dr. A. Nemcsics
IACC Vice-President - Hungary

Prof. Seppo Rihlama
IACC Vice-President - Finland

Prof. Dr. T. Tosca
IACC Vice-President - Greece

Tashiya Hashimoto
IACC Vice-President - Japan