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EACC Executive Board Members

Prof. Johannes Grobmann
1. Chairman & VP IACC
Certified Designer/Engineer
IACC Vice-President - Germany
Kollbruchweg 33
D-18209 Bad Doberan, Germany
Tel/Fax: (0) 38 203 14242

Georg Gujan IACC
EACC Secretary/Business Manager
Per Colurs Gmbh.
IACC Qualified Colour Consultant/Designer
Schulstrasse 63
CH-7302 Lanquart, Switzerland
TeI: (0)81 3222201 Fax: (0)81 322 5583

Alfred Schleicher IACC
2nd. Chairman
Farbatelier Schleicher
IACC Qualified Colour Consultant/Designer IACC
Kronenstrasse 13
D-76133 Karlsruhe, Germany
TeI:(0) 721 37 3267 Fax: (0) 721 37 3267
E-Mail: farbatlier@t-online.de
IACC_North America

The Association exclusively and directly pursues nonproGt goats in the Geld of research in color, promotion of the
profession of "qualified" color consultant/designer and interdisciplinary education in this field. The aims of the
NAACC are realized through the following tasks:

1. Representation of the Profession of Color Consultant/Designer IACC - including the professions of color
psychologist and color scientist - as Iong as they have received IACC accreditation.

2. Recognition and incorporation of the professional standard of Color Consultant, Color Designer, Color
Psychologist, Color Scientist, with the object of creating a consolidated professional standard.

3. Protection of the professional designation of IACC qualified Cdor Consultant/Designer.

4. Furthering the education and general enhancement of the professional Ievel.

5. Furthering the IACC philosophy of the mission directed towards humane architectural environments.

6. In addition to teaching and training, the coordination of the relevant creative forces will be supported, in part by
public relations activities.

7. Cooperation with other Color Associations.

For further information see: Website: www.iaccna.org
Laura Deubler Mercurio
Color Design Consultant
252 Sixth Avenue
St. James, NY 11780, USA
TeI: 631 584 6959 Fax: 631 584 7456
E-Mail: Idmercurio@aoI.com

Mary Boochever
Marigold Color
33 Newtown Road
Hampton Bays, NY 11946
TeI:631 723-2031 Fax:631 728 0989
Cheryl Dudley ARIDO, IDC
Interior Designer, Colourist
448 Bierwood Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K2A 2H3, Canada
TeI: 613 728 6653 Fax: 728 6768
E-mail: csdudley@magma.ca

Marcia Walters ASID, IACC
Treasurer & Membership
Dovetail Design & Construction, Inc.
2600 S. Race Street
Denver, CO 80210
TeI: 303 744 0105 (H) 303 722 6808 (W)
Fax: 303 744 0766 E-Mail: crayon22@aoI.com