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before an international examining board and a thesis eams the particiPant the title of: IACC qualified Colour Consultant/Designer (with Diploma). Thereby. the IACC has set the guidelines, criterion and accreditation for the profession of (IACC) Colour Consultant/Designer.

The seminars are recognized for a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to all areas connected with colour:psychology, applied color psychology, physiology, biology, colour as information (marketing), visual ergonomics, lighting considerations, colour systems. art and so forth. The total course consists of several comprehensive seminars. Participants gain practical experience from assignments carried out during the months the seminars are not in session. An executive committee of international experts belonging to the IACC monitors the core curriculum.

The Various IACC Education Programs:

EstabI./Lang. : Requirements: Accreditation?:
Salzburg Seminars for Colour and Environment(Salzburger Seminare fur Farbe und Umwelt) Salzburg, Austria)
1957 German Open to aII individuals whose profession demands an understanding of colour and its effects Yes
IACC Seminars for Colour and Enviroment Copenhagen, Denmark will commence Nov. 2001 English Open to all individuals Yes
North America:
IACC Seminar for Color and Environment Sam Diego, California 1991 English Open to all individuals Yes
IACC QuaIification Seminar Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah 1995 English Only for Interior Design Graduates of BYU and the BYU course "advanced color" Yes
IACC Seminars br Color and Environment Nagoya-City, Japan 2000 English Japanese Open to all individuals Yes
EACC (BEF) - European Association of Colour Consultants/Designers of the IACC

The EACC (BEF) represents the profession of Colour Consultant/Designer and Color Psychologist in Europe. and it is the offcial representative of the IACC in Europe. Membership qualification for IACC qualified Colour Consultants/Designers with Diploma is automatic. Professionals who are not IACC accredited may also qualify for membership if they meet certain educational and professional requirements and standards set down by the IACC.
Acceptance by the EACC allows these members to carry the title: EACC Colour Consultant/Designer - but not the title of: IACC qualified Colour Consultant/Designer (with Diploma).

Primary Goals of the EACC

1. Promoting an understanding of the necessity for sensible design or the creation of the man-made environment through the dissemination the IACC Philosophy.

2. Advancement and recognition of the profession of Colour Consultant/Designer- through professional representation and the furtherance of professional training and the advancement of new talent.

3. Seeking an elevation of professional standards.

For further information see: Website: www.bef-iacc.org